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Arusha, Hot Springs & Maasai village in Tanzania


First thing in the morning we wanted to test was the quality of breakfast. It was composed of omelet, pancakes, beans, fruits and tea. We savored it properly.


The offer is wide


So we tried everything

After the meal we were prepared to visit the city of Arusha. They called a cab for us from the reception. The price should be around $7 per person. After the first misunderstandings (at least we thought it was just misunderstanding…) also drivers accepted this amount. Some of us went into the bank to exchange dollars for local currency. The rest of us had to face a lot of street vendors immediately after getting out of the cabs.

street vendor

Streeet vendors felt the opportunity

We resisted their attempts to sell us various souvenirs ranging from bracelets to football jerseys. First group came out of the bank and we continued to Bobby tours. Agency, which we chose to assist us with our hike to Mt Kilimanjaro and arrange a Safari tour for us. We paid for the trek and also ask a few questions.


Bobby tours

At the end we asked for restaurant recommendations. One is very close. We wanted only coffee but stayed for the entire lunch. It was tasty.


African menu

We visited the local market. Not the one specially made for tourists (because there was also one exactly like that here in Arusha), but truly a local market. You could buy anything here, bicycles, spices, live chickens. Interesting experience.


Colorful market


They had a lot of goods


Eating bananas

Enough experience for today. Now we needed to get back to our house. We walked by the main street and it started raining. A nearby drugstore provided a good cover. At least we could buy pills for altitude sickness. Suddenly one guy from a minibus shouted at us whether we didn’t want to go to Njiro. Yes, we wanted to. It was a bus stop near our apartment. So 9 people got inside the minibus for 8 and another like 15 people were sitting there already. It was fun. And it was ten times cheaper than a taxi.


Our ride


15 people still inside

From the main road we had to walk some distance on a dirt road with lots of potholes. Just like in our home country.


Trying to be porters


White House of Africa, our accomodation in Arusha

Hot springs

More affordable alternative to the famous Zanzibar beaches is only a few kilometers from Arusha city. Hot springs are a popular place for swimming and relaxing here. You can arrange cars to pick you up and wait for you by the Hot springs. WE can still see Kilimanjaro.



You need to pay a small entrance fee. Inside are a few vendors and buffets.





Water is quite clear. You can swim here, jump from rope or just sunbathe.


You can swim






Or eat

Maasai village

When you visit Tanzia you should not forget the Maasai village. It provides a good example of how the aboriginal people lived and still live here.


Maasai greeting us

They welcomed us with dance and then showed us their houses. Typical hut is made of clay and wood with some addition of cow manure. Interior is quite small but they fit there with the whole family.





One of local customs is also a ritual in which warriors try to jump high. You can try it yourselfs


Who will jump higher?

At the end we just looked at souvenirs and visited school. The kids were very happy to recite the alphabet.




Locally crafted


Happy kids




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Simba 13. August 2021
Wonderfuly articulated.Thank you so much and looking forward to reading more from you.